Office, meeting and conference room rental
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Budapest 3. district

Offices to rent
for short term

Meeting room
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language courses

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Offices, Meeting rooms and smaller conference and training rooms in Feelwell Centre to rent – details

  • Offices, meeting room, conference and training room  Budapest rental in central 3rd district for projects, meetings, business work, yoga, meditation and other occasions.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing subject to headcount and timing.
  • Room sizes between 10 – 100 m2.
  • Headcount 2-100 persons
  • For medium size events, personal consulting, therapy or small and medium size workshops.
  • From 1 occasion to regular timetable based room rental.
  • Cozy, tidy rooms with air conditioner.
  • With equipment or without.
  • From Monday to Sunday any time.

We are welcoming our tenants in the Feelwell Beauty and Health centre that is located directly at the nice Szentlélek Square, in the neighborhood of Roman ruins, intimate cafes and restaurants. This environment is already maximizing the your good feelings so this neighborhood contributes to the original idea the you should “Feelwell” in our centre.

The Feelwell Center is a four storey building where you can find numerous different size rooms looking at the walking district streets of central Old Buda. Every of our clients could find the ideal room for their activities. We can provide optimal rooms for the professionals either they hold private or group based activities. If you need a small room or a larger conference room we can flexibly provide you the best facility up to groups of 50 people for smaller conferences, courses, presentations, corporate training,  press conferences, workshops, weddings, exhibitions, receptions, banquets and other e.g. large family gatherings.

Large meeting room Budapest to rent
Large room – 70 m2

Medium meeting room Budapest to rent
Medium meeting room

Small-medium meeting room Budapest to rent
Small-medium meeting room

Small meeting room Budapest to rent
Small meeting room

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Meeting room Budapest rental conditions

Besides renting our meeting rooms you can also rent different equipment for your activities. You can see more details on our office spaces and rooms in Hungarian on our room rental web page.




Meeting rooms to rent

Kozmetika 3. kerület
Feelwell Centrum meeting rooms to rent
Room number Room size
  • F01
  • 305
  • 306
  • 401
  • 402
  • 403
  • 404
  • 405

Detailed description of rest of the meeting rooms >> 

F01 – 15m², 305 – 60m², 306 – 20m², 403 – 70m², 404 – 28m², 405 – 20m², 406 – meeting point


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Meeting room rental fees Regular and one time room rental fees included VAT.

Meeting room Budapest - rental fees by the hour

1600 Ft

17m2 > 1600 Ft / hour
20m2 > 2000 Ft / hour
28m2 > 2500 Ft / hour
40m2 > 4 000 Ft / hour
60m2 > 5 600 Ft / hour
70m2 > 5 600 Ft / hour

Regarding booking status of our meeting rooms and any other meeting room rental questions please text the Feelwell Centre coordinator at:

Feelwell Centrum terembérlés tetejére